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Meet other local people interested in Spiral Dynamics, an idea suggested by Dr. Clare W. Graves.

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Welcome to our Integral New York / Ken Wilber meetup group, aka the Integral New York City Salon. Please join us in exploring Integral theory, as articulated by Ken Wilber and other Integralists. Each month we come together to deepen our understandin­

Meetup topics:

Headlines may be dominated by the Global Financial crisis, hurricanes and terrorist plots, but at the same time a new movement is quietly sweeping across the globe: There has never been a better time to be alive! At our events you can learn about thi


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Growth Enthusiasts

"An integral  life is total freedom to be who you already are. A life where peace and passion come alive. Providing a place for everything in your life. Better relationships, sex, career, and health. More effectiveness, more purpose. Less confusion,­

fully alive + growing

What is “Integral”? It simply means whole, complete, full, all inclusive.  It is both a theory and the basis of a life practice. It demonstrates how to integrate and include body, mind, and spirit in self, culture, and nature. This means acting so as

Integral Evolutionaries

"Waking up" is associated with getting enlightened or free by rising out of imprisonment in your karma, body-mind, and relationships. "Waking down" differs from waking up out of life. Saniel Bonder is the founder of the Waking Down in Mutuality work.


"Integral theory is a school of philosophy that seeks to integrate all of human wisdom into a new, emergent worldview that is able to accommodate the gifts of all previous worldviews, including those which have been historically at odds: science and

Integral Revolutionaries

Are you passionate about how everything makes sense and fits together? Religion, psychology, sociology, physics, anthropology, consciousness, capitalism, gender...existence itself? We hold a deep evolutionary perceptive -- that "Things are getting be

Integral Thinkers

This Meetup site is but a doorway to our community. We have an active discussion group on Yahoo Groups:  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/seatt­leintegral/ You can also find us on Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk­=group_6173790678 and Twi

Members of Seattle Integral

We are a community of integrally informed practitioners from the Dallas metroplex with profound interest in integral theory and practice. We have considerable appreciation for the work of Ken Wilber and other integral pioneers. We come together almo

Integral Community Members

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April 7, 2014

We provide an integrative experience for those wanting to embody the real possibilities of deep presence in their life and relationships. We uniquely combine Circling with Integral coaching. This is one of the most comprehensive and effective methodo

April 4, 2014

Every Friday, we'll get together to enjoy games and exercises that guide us to be more aware in the present moment, to connect with each other more, to welcome our humanity, who we are and what we feel, to communicate effectively, and to have better

April 3, 2014

We serve an emerging movement of globally conscious citizens dedicated to manifesting our highest capacities. The Prophets Conference in Phoenix. They shared some private conversations and garnered greater understanding. Find out more and share your

January 27, 2014

Integral Polarity Practice (IPP) is a cutting-edge approach to awareness/life practice (meditation/action-in-the-world). We recognize that one's individual growth and development naturally and spontaneously manifest as one's "outer" life, in family,

Open Minds
January 15, 2014

A group to discuss and explore topics such as chaos theory, morphogenetic fields, holistic universe, black holes, Big Bang, expanding universe, fractals, epigenetics, and much more.

Leading edge thinkers.
January 11, 2014

I envision a book club based on the Integral Theory of Ken Wilber and other map makers of human consciousness. We will also study and discuss Spiral Dynamics, the Enneagram, meditation and Buddhism. The main purpose will not be an intellectual study

October 16, 2013

A community dedicated to embracing the spirit of integral living in Pittsburgh. How do we embody and express the insights into interconnectedness (aka "Integral Theory") that has inspired us so deeply?

October 11, 2013

The Enneagram is more than just a personality typing system--it's a profound tool for personal growth. Join us as we explore the challenges and gifts of the nine types, and learn how to come in contact with your deepest self, your true Essence. This

October 11, 2013

The focus of this group is on understanding and sharing in the work of author, philosopher and integral thinker Ken Wilber. In this group you can explore, learn about and apply Wilber's work which can be described in such terms as the Integral Framew

October 7, 2013

We are inviting anyone who is interested in exploring their own depth, excited about the possibilities of spiritual growth, wanting to live more authentically with loved ones and others, and who is dedicated to a more conscious planet. We offer many

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